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Accessibility - more or less?

Xerte has long enjoyed a reputation for creating accessible content but now the drop down colour, font buttons and speech buttons have disappeared some people ask "Is it less accessible than it was". It's actually much more accessible than before (as explained below) but for the worriers there is good news..

Xerte now produces HTML5 by defaultand this is much MORE accessible than the original Flash version because the browser colour and font options give much more control to users. In most browsers CTRL and + will magnify far beyond the options that the older Flash output gave. Equally, a much wider range of colour options can be accessed (the way you do it depends on the browser you use). However not all users know how to change colours or font sizes in the browser so Jisc TechDis is working with John Smith at Glasgow Caledonian University to create a simple "colour button" that will sit in the bottom toolbar and allow a user to invert the colours, change to black on yellow or link to detailed accessibility guidance on the Jisc TechDis website. We're hoping to roll out the enhancement in the next few weeks so watch this space.


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