The Xerte Project aims to provide high quality free software to educators all over the world, and to build a global community of users and developers. We believe that simple things should be simple and that anything should be possible.

Ease of Use

Rapid content authoring for all levels of skill. Non-technical authors can assemble content using a comprehensive suite of templates. Web developers have access to JavaScript and CSS to create anything they like.
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Best of breed accessibility for interactive learning. Accessibility has been a cornerstone of Xerte since it's inception and we aim to provide the benchmark against which all other authoring tools are judged.
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A Global Community

We are a friendly and positive global community of users and developers working together to produce high quality tools for the creation of media rich, interactive and highly accessible elearning content.
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Millions of learners and tens of thousands of teachers and tutors have access to Xerte in hundreds of universities, colleges, schools and organisations all over the world. The Xerte community is growing.


The Xerte Project

Xerte is an award-winning suite of browser-based tools that allow anyone with a web browser to create interactive learning materials quickly and easily. Content can be delivered to all devices using standards compliant HTML5 and a responsive template can deliver material to both small screens and large desktop computers.

Xerte provides a suite of tools for creating rich, accessible interactive content. For many educators, effectively exploiting technology in their teaching requires overcoming a number of technical barriers. Xerte provides simple online tools that anyone can use to create effective interactive materials easily. Xerte is free and open-source software developed by a wonderful community.


Content Authoring

Xerte is a powerful suite of productivity tools for rapid elearning development. Content is assembled using a forms to populate a suite of templates. Authoring is collaborative, allowing subject matter experts, media specialists and developers to work together in the creation of rich and highly accessible interactive learning resources. Ease of use has always been at the heart of Xerte.
We aim to provide intuitive tools that allow rapid content creation without sacrificing the flexibility that more advanced users demand. Developers have all the tools they need to create sophisticated interactivity and new forms of learning.
An example of all the 'page types' in the XOT template can be found in this example.

Content Delivery

Xerte produces standards-compliant HTML5 that runs on all devices running a modern web-browser, allowing learning to access content whenever and wherever they choose. We have buit in the very best support for accessible and inclusive content - our content delivery platform is considered to be one of the best examples of accessible design for online learning and is considered a benchmark for the industry. Throughout the development of Xerte we have partnered with accessibility and inclusion specialists and worked directly with users with a variety of special needs to test that the features we have implemented work as well as they possibly can do. We take the view that highly accessible content is highly usable for everybody and accessible design benefits all of our users.

With collaborative content authoring for subject matter experts, media specialists, designers and developers, Xerte creates an efficient and effective workflow for multi-disciplinary teams.



Organise your projects in the Xerte workspace, share your work with others in your team and publish your completed materials to your learners. If you need to, you can export standalone zip files for deployment on any web server, and export SCORM compliant content packages for deployment in any compatible virtual learning environment or learning managment system.


Create your content using the editor. Interactive materials are easily created using forms. Capture your own learning designs as templates for re-use. Choose from a number of themes, or create your own to customise the look and feel. Advanced developers have access to all the functionality they need to do anything they want with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Deliver your content to any device using standards compliant HTML5. A responsive and highly accessible interface creates a quality user experience for your learners whenever they access learning, wherever they may be. Xerte collects some basic playback statistics directly - more advanced tracking can be achieved through SCORM or xAPI.

The Xerte Project is a positive and friendly open-source community project. Anyone can join the community, contribute to the project design and participate in the decision making process.

Lines of code
The Xerte Project is proud to be a member of the Apereo Foundation. Membership  reflects the ongoing growth of the community and maturity of the software and gives potential adopters the assurance that the project is sustainable and well-managed.

Drawing on its community of users and developers, Xerte is well established in the landscape of authoring tools and provides a powerful platform for innovation.

Getting started

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