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Welcome to the Xerte Community Website

A community website developed by and for the Xerte community

This site is developed by and for the international community of Xerte toolkit users working at every stage of education. Xerte toolkits is a free, open source content creation tool. Every tutor and every learner in your organisation can create interactive content with rich media and high accessibility.

Xerte toolkits integrate well with online videos and many other web-based tools. Learning objects created with Xerte can be easily shared and repurposed or exported for off-line use.

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Get a summary of the key features (left) or explore the menu tabs above. Check out what people are saying on the YouTube videos or look at the sample learning objects in the Showcase section. When you are ready to download go to the resources area where you'll also find step-by-step guides and quick start "Xerte recipes."



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