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Xerte toolkits are quick and easy to use but like any new software, you need to understand the conventions used and what particular terms mean. This section is about getting the most from Xerte toolkits by thinking through your design possibilities, trying some simple recipes to get you going and following some step by step guides.


Find out more about designing for learning - this link gives you a checklist to help you clarify your learning design, a link to a learning object with hints and tips, a sample storyboard template and sample recipe as well as a link to the Xerte for teachers mailing list.


Find out more about recipes - this page collects together some simple sample recipes. You can download these, change the ingredients to suit your teaching context and upload them onto your own Xerte toolkits installation - a quick way of seeing the potential of Xerte toolkits.


Find out more about step by step guides - the step to step guides show you how to create your first learning object, how to edit an existing learning object and how to use a variety of page types. These guides are being rewritten - the links on them will not necessarily be up-to-date but if you have your own Xerte toolkits installation the principles will be identical.


See a collection of Xerte Toolkit objects -this collection has been put together to show Xerte learning projects in different teaching contexts. This is a UK-based collection. For a dynamically updated collection of learning objects from different nationalities see the Showcase section.


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