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LTI, xAPI & Xerte - Tom Reijnders

A #xerte18 session recording
Version 3.6 of Xerte introduces xAPI tracking of Learning Objects based on the Xerte Online Toolkit template. xAPI enables you to track the progress of your learners through the Learning Object. xAPI allows tracking while the Learning Object can stay in the Xerte Online Toolkits environment, so no need to export a package, but simply embed in any LMS. In order to be able to track xAPI events, the student needs to be 'known' as we want to be able to identify the 'actor'. As Xerte Online Toolkits itself doesn't have provisions for identifying the learner, this can be done by using LTI. Within Xerte LTI is implemented using Tsugi. In this sesson, I will show you what you can do with a properly installed and configured Xerte and LRS.

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