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SCORM interactions 2 years 6 months ago #7689

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So, I assume that what you expect is that as the learner returns to the LO, and navigates back to the model answer page, the learner sees what he has answered last time?

That is (currently and perhaps regrettably) not how Xerte works. Even if you do not use SCORM most of the time the interactivity is deleted and you can restart/redo the exercise. In teh case of model answer, the answer remains visieble during the session, but is a seesion is restarted the text is not visible.

There are several issues here:
- The behaviour of Xerte pages is not always consistent, and we're working on that for the next version.
- SCORM 1.2 does not provide a mechanism to store the whole state (4kb), so it's technically impossible to do
- SCORM 2004 has the room for normal LO's to svae the state (64kb), and could in theory provide the answer. It will provide the correct answer to the reults page (and also in Moodle) when a session is restarted.

So, if you have a learning object that has a results page at the end, and you start it as a student and stop midway, and restart after some time, and continue answering the rest of the pages, the reults page will show all the answers given when using SCORM 2004 or xAPI. It will NOT do this when using Scorm 1.2. However, when using SCORM 2004 or SCORM 1.2 the LMS should have saved all the answers given, but reporting depends on the LMS.

Hope this helps (a bit)

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SCORM interactions 2 years 6 months ago #7690

  • ronm
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Hi Yvonne
just to add to this...
I think Tom has answered your questions from a technical perspective but I'm guessing there are wider considerations here so a few questions and comments:
I'm guessing you are using the model answer page (or multiple model answer pages) to capture open text entry responses or reflections e.g. the model answer page doesn't and can't really have any relevant scoring and some learners may enter very little and some may enter a lot. So the 64kb limit Tom mentions (across everything that needs to be saved) could easily become an issue and this sort of retention and retrieval of what has been answered previously is not really part of what the model answer page has or could be designed for. I don't know if you are also using the model answer results page but that shows all the questions and responses from different model answer pages throughout the LO and by default with a button to select all of that text and instructions to copy and paste somewhere. So one way you could provide what it sounds like you want is that you could also add a link to a separate Moodle activity that opens in a new window (or possibly a lightbox) where the user can paste those responses and/or review their responses from last time. Obviously this is not automatic and requires user intervention but also means there is no limit and depend on what Moodle activity you use could provide additional functionality e.g. assignment, wiki, blog, database etc etc.
Another option would be to embed something instead of using the model answer page e.g. Google doc/form, O365, e-portfolio page etc.
Alternatively you could also use the documentation page where the learners download the document and then link to an assignment or other activity in Moodle where they can submit and retrieve that in subsequent attempts.
Perhaps none of these are as ideal as just having previous responses appear in revisits but as discussed that might depend on your requirements here given the 64kb limit Tom has mentioned and that is all of the data total which will therefore vary by everything else you have in your LO too. Even if that did work with what you have at the moment I don't think you would see the previous responses in the model answer page itself but might in the overall results page.
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SCORM interactions 2 years 6 months ago #7692

  • ymoore
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Thanks Tom and Ron for the detailed responses.

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