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maandag, 24 maart 2014 16:14

Introducing Health Psychology for Counsellors

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This Learning Object was created in 2014 by students at Newman University.  The aim was to produce an online learning object for counsellors which would explain to them the field of Health Psychology.  Rather than explain further, try it out for yourself!

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  • Used pagetypes: 23 pages are used with a variety of page types.
  • Flash/html5: HTML5
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike
  • User: Beginner
  • How this LO add value for my learners?: By the end of this training workshop you will have: •An understanding of what Health Psychology is •Have an understanding of how Psychology may contribute to an understanding of physical illness •Be able to describe the Biomedical model of medicine •Recognise the differences between the theoretical model in Health Psychology •Be able to identify some of the services available in Health in Psychology
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