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Designing for learning

* Are you working on your own or collaborating with other people?

* If you're collaborating with other people are you doing that face-to-face or online?

* Do you want all your learning objects to have the same overall structure (this can help your planning and also help learners know what to expect)

* Or will different learning objects be very different in style according to the nature of the content or the purpose of the learning?

* Is your learning object designed to be used by learners working online?

* Or is it designed to be used in the classroom with an interactive whiteboard or wireless mouse, getting groups of learners to interact together?

* Are you using Xerte toolkits to present information? Or to test understanding? Or both?

* Have you looked at what other people are doing with their learning objects? Why don't you explore the Showcase section of this website?

* Do you want to use existing "recipes" to help you put together pages into sensible bundles?

* Do you want your learning resources to work on mobile devices as well as desktops?

* Do you want your learning object to allow learners to collaborate in real time?

* Do you want your learning objects to be set up with RSS feeds so your learners can subscribe to your channel and get new content instantly?

Follow any of the links above to get more information - and have fun being creative. Don't forget, the Xerte for teachers JISC mail list and is always keen to display examples of new Xerte Toolkit learning materials.

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