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Welcome to the new Xerte Community website

We hope you will find all the updated info useful and this is just the start of our plans for the site in support of our ever growing community.

You'll find some new static pages that detail the main ethos of the project e.g. Ease of Use, Accessibility and Community. These pages will be the first point of call for those new to the project and wishing to get a solid overview.

You'll find the Forums remain the same just inheriting the look of the new and updated site.

We have also retained much of the old content in this Blog area as that all reflects our long history and many years of development. However as a result in the older posts you will find broken links and guidance or news that is out of date and no longer relevant so please be aware of that and check the published date for reference.

Finally we will use this Blog area to post categorised News, Articles and other Resources so for example in the video category you will now find individual sessions recordings from our #xerte18 and #xerte16 conferences.

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