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Xerte is based on HTML5 so it works through most modern browsers including phones and tablets. This means users can take advantage of the inbuilt accessibility in their phones and tablets. Xerte is compatible with TalkBack on Android devices and VoiceOver on Apple devices meaning learners can listen to content instead of reading it. Please note, browsers on mobile devices vary in terms of the accessibility built into them. The Chrome browser performs well but the native browser with Galaxy Tab devices needs to be switched to Reading mode before TalkBack can read out content.  

Media rich

Xerte toolkits makes it easy for teaching staff to reduce barriers for print impaired learners. Even tutors with limited technical skills can assemble media-rich learning resources that don't rely on text alone. The ability to embed video in many different page types opens up the possibility of sign-supported video in your resources.


A range of navigator templates make it easy to break down dense or complex information into smaller chunks so learners can see where different ideas fit in the bigger picture.

Self checking

Tutors can easily create a range of interactive quizzes allowing learners to test their understanding as they learn.

Assistive technology

The screenreader accessibility of the latest Xerte Toolkits was tested at an early stage of development with JAWS, NVDA and SuperNova. The results were included in the inbuilt accessibility guidance (accessed through the Colour Changer button). Accessibility is being retested from December 2015 to check that ongoing code changes don't have unintended consequences.

Logos of different browsers

To report accessibility issues, suggest improvements or share improvements you have made, go to the dedicated accessibility area of the forum.

The output from Xerte toolkits interoperates with a wide range of assistive technologies, allows users to personalise their view using browser settings and supports learners on mobile devices.

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