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Learning technologist

Supporting e-learning

As a learning technologist you are likely to find yourself advising course teams on how to make more efficient use of time and resources.

Teachers are often keen to have interactive online resources but can be very fussy about the resources other people create because they have their own way of describing things or their own case studies that they want to use.

Maximising efficiency

Xerte toolkits is an ideal platform for maximising efficiency because it is so easy to take an existing learning object and tweak it to suit your preferred vocabulary.

Xerte toolkits integrates well with Moodle and toolkits pagetypes can incorporate existing teaching resources such as YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, Flickr images etc as well as embedding web pages and linking to existing PowerPoints and Word documents.

Bridging the gap between teachers and developers

Learning technologists can find themselves acting as a bridge between teaching staff (with high subject skills but limited technical skills) and professional content developers (with high technical skills but limited subject skills).

Traditionally this creates a bottleneck in producing learning resources because the teaching staff have to explain the subject matter to the developer as well as describing the pedagogical interactions required. Xerte toolkits removes the bottleneck by empowering the tutors to create most (and often all) the interactivity they require. The developer only needs to get involved for very specific interactivities that don't exist in current Xerte Toolkit page types. This means tutors AND developers can use their expertise more effectively and learners end up with many more resources produced.

Learners as content creators

Some institutions have used Xerte Toolkits as a tool for learners to create their own content in a flipped classroom model. Explore several Higher Education projects using Xerte Toolkits to develop digital literacy with students.

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