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Keynote: The Future Teacher 3.0 Katrien Bernaerts, Inge Donkeervoort, Ron Mitchell, Lilian Soon, Alistair McNaught

A #xerte18 session recording
The Future Teacher Project is a european project primarily about Teaching and Learning rather than specifically use of Technology or use of Xerte itself. However as you may be aware we have been using Xerte as an integral part of how we develop, deliver and support everyone involved in the project and the project has also directly contributed to new Xerte features and functionality. In this session various members of the Future Teacher project team from the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands will discuss how and why Xerte is so integral to the project from delivery of our monthly webinars and collaborative development of our digital thermometer, digital compass and digital journeys to the sharing of Xerte resources that you can use, download and re-purpose for your own use in your own organisations.

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