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Two Presentations on Xerte Online Toolkits as an eBook Creator and Publisher - Steve Stapleton

A #xerte16 session recording
As part of the JISC Collections funded ‘Institution as e-textbook[1]’ project the University of Nottingham has used Xerte Online Toolkits to create an eBook entitled ‘Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability in Practice.’ The fundamental question that the JISC project seeks to address is: Will the institution as e-textbook creator help students by providing a more affordable higher education, and promote a better, more sustainable information environment for libraries, students and faculty? The Xerte eBook will be provided at no cost to Nottingham University Business School students from 2016 and will be evaluated by that student population to see how it compares with other textbooks in the subject area. The evaluation will also be supported by usage data provided by colleagues from the Libraries Research and Learning Resources Section at the University of Nottingham.

The eBook has seven stages (chapters), three of which will also be made available at no cost to the world, with the remaining four stages available for purchase through two purchasing models. The first is to enrol on a standalone Nottingham University MBA module for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learners. The second is to join the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability[2] who will host all of the eBook stages behind their membership log-in page.

This presentation will discuss the design and production choices made by the project group, as well as offering a demonstration of the eBook which is due for publication in March 2016. It will discuss the benefits and challenges of using Xerte as an eBook creator and publishing platform; and it will highlight how some of the inbuilt features of Xerte helped solve a number of issues faced by the project team.

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