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Creating a Community Learning Hub with Xerte Online Toolkits - Julian Tenney

A #xerte16 session recording
Open courses like ds106 and Phonar are tearing up the rulebook for online learning by creating distributed courses where there are no lectures, sometimes not even any teachers, there is no concept of dropping out and the course experience can be whatever the learner wants it to be.

In these courses, the participants create a digital identity and build the online infrastructure they need to publish their work online. In this sense, the courses may be considered 'distributed': learners publish their responses to various tasks and assignments in a blog, and use services such as twitter, flickr, youtube and soundcloud to publish media that can then be included in their work and shared with their fellow learners. Learners can adopt whatever identity they want to online, and so create a safe place to experiment with technology and the open web.

The course allows users to subscribe their blog to a central hub which serves to disseminate the output to the community of learners. Participants develop digital literacies in a wide range of media production tools and technologies, learn to manage a digital identity, and develop creativity through their exposure to a rich seam of material from the learning community.

In this session we'll explore this approach to online learning and show how a community learning hub can easily be created using Xerte Online Toolkits to facilitate one of the most exciting approaches to online learning today.

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