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Martes, 21 Junio 2016 19:18

Insegna cosi impari

This project involves first year students of Italian in peer-teaching activities in which they are asked to teach certain grammar topics to their classmates. Working in small groups they create Xerte content objects, using several page types and including media, audio-visual materials and texts.

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Lunes, 25 Mayo 2015 10:00

Xerte & Apereo

To present the Xerte Project to the Apereo Foundation in Paris January 2015 a few members of the Xerte Community developed a bootstrap Xerte module. Julian Tenney, Ron Mitchell, Tom Reijnders and Inge Donkervoort collaborate on this overview of Xerte.

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Lunes, 15 Diciembre 2014 18:50

Word accessibly

Using Xerte to train staff in using Word accessibly. How do you support staff in Higher Education to venture into elearning? One approach is to build on their existing skills....

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