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Lunes, 15 Diciembre 2014 18:50

Word accessibly

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Screenshot showing an LO about Teaching inclusively Screenshot showing an LO about Teaching inclusively

Using Xerte to train staff in using Word accessibly. How do you support staff in Higher Education to venture into elearning? One approach is to build on their existing skills....

Most staff are familiar with Microsoft Word so helping them see how they can use Word to make learning resources more accessible or more interactive is a way to help them gain confidence in elearning. As they begin to see the benefits for learners (and staff) they can be introduced to less familiar tools like podcasting and - ultimately - Xerte toolkits.


This resource was created by Alistair McNaught of Jisc TechDis as part of a contract for the Higher Education Academy to support the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. This learning resource forms part of a suite of materials on different aspects of elearning using free or open source tools - as well as basic "everyday" tools like Word and PowerPoint

Información adicional

  • Used pagetypes: Tabbed navigator (slide 4) Graphics and sound (slides 2,3) Tabbed navigator + (slide 5)
  • Flash/html5: Flash
  • License: No license
  • User: Experienced
  • How this LO add value for my learners?: Step by step guides using Navigator page types and the use of animated gifs helps to explain the techniques.
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