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tirsdag, 09 september 2014 05:35

Phone-friendly support for construction apprentices

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Screenshot showing embedded video and navigator tabs Screenshot showing embedded video and navigator tabs Alistair McNaught,

How do you support people in a workshop or on a building site where you can't carry bags of books around to revise from?

By creating a phone-friendly learning resource using the Xerte Bootstrap template (instead of the Online Toolkit templat


e)Screenshot showing Bootstrap template on main Xerte editor (Ps - this is called the Website template on the Xerte sandpit - it seemed a more user friendly name!)


  • Used pagetypes: Tabbed Navigator Video
  • Flash/html5: Flash
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike
  • User: Beginner
  • How this LO add value for my learners?: Ease of revision anytime and any place. Helping to reinforce theory and practice on work placements.
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