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In-service primary school teacher training in rural Mongolia

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Afbeelding module Artand Technology Afbeelding module Artand Technology
These learning objects were created using Xerte Online Toolkit for the purpose of in-service primary school teacher training in rural Mongolia. The learning objects were co-developed by Tokyo Institute of Technology, Mongolian National University of Education, and Bayankhongor Education Culture Department. These materials were distributed offline on the CD considering the local Internet infrastructure. Local primary school teachers are utilizing these materials for self-development, together with teacher training videos and textbooks.

Información adicional

  • Used pagetypes:

    • MCQ
    • Drag-and-Drop
    • Quiz set
    • Gap fill
    • Timeline / Matching pairs
    • Free answer
    • Hotspot

  • Flash/html5: HTML5
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike
  • User: Beginner
  • How this LO add value for my learners?:

    Through comparative study, it is found that these LOs can promote teacher learners' learning motivation, learning satisfaction, and also positively affect learning motivation's effect on learning satisfaction. As a result, learners are more satisfied with their learning, and are more likely to carry out practices they learnt in their classroom teaching. The introduction of these LOs also set an example of how ICT can be beneficial for teachers. Teachers showed high motivation in creating LOs by themselves for conducting student-centered lessons using ICT.

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