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A sustainable project


In 2014 the developer team explored the question of sustainability, and after carefully weighing up all the options, the software was put forward and accepted for incubation by the Apereo Foundation in September 2014. As the software has developed, and the community of developers has grown, the share of the work being done by the University of Nottingham has fallen and significant pieces of work from other individuals and organisations have been contributed to the project's codebase. Transitioning the software to the Apereo Foundation reflects the ongoing growth of the community and maturity of the software, and removes a number of barriers to adoption for potential users. It removes a single point of failure for the project by placing ownership firmly with the developer community, and brings a more robust framework of governance and decision making to the developers.

We are really excited about the transition to Apereo.

Read more: A sustainable project

Xerte Online Toolkits Webinar

Webinar Xerte ApereoThe Xerte Online Toolkits project is now in the final stages of incubation for the Apereo Foundation. As part of this process, the Xerte Team provided a webinar about the project.

Click here to view the webinar.

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