Meeting policy and strategy needs

Xerte Online Toolkits supports key policies in teaching / training organisations.


The high native accessibility, the range of pedagogical opportunities and the transition plans to html5 mean that your organisation is empowered to support a wide range of learners. Installing Xerte Online Toolkits and training staff in its use is a tangible and practical accessibility policy.

e-Learning and m-Learning

Organisational efficiency improves when learners can access learning resources at any time or place. Learning can improve when resources are available in multimedia with inbuilt self-testing and feedback opportunities. Xerte Online Toolkits can be installed in a day and the template driven interface allows staff with limited technical skill to create interactive pages in a very short time. A wealth of staff training resources exist including free monthly online training from JISC TechDis. Since Xerte Toolkits v 1.9, Xerte now exports to HTML5, allowing learning objects to be viewed on tablet and mobile devices.

Collaborative culture

Organisations benefit when staff are open to learning from one another and developing resources together. Xerte Online Toolkits makes it easy for staff to collaborate on teaching and training, to use one another's resources, develop jointly or adapt materials for different contexts. This is excellent for quality assurance.

Supporting multiple teaching / training sites

Xerte Online Toolkits is server based so produces online resources that can be accessed across multiple sites or from learner's own homes. This is ideal for multi-site organisations but some teaching contexts make it impossible to get connectivity. In this case it is a two minute job to export any learning object to run from a CD or memory stick allowing effective eLearning to be used on laptop devices where no connectivity is possible.

Implications for teams

Xerte is open source so there is no software or licence cost involved. However in addition to the time required to install Xerte it is recommended that someone in the technical team joins the Xerte mailing list because there are regular updates that add new functionality or fix identified bugs. It is also recommended that staff development teams and disability teams become familiar with the potential of Xerte to support different kinds of learners in different settings.

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