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Welcome to the administrators pages of the Xerte community site. Here you will find information on how to install Xerte Online Toolkit (XOT) on university (institutional) or personal webs servers. If you are looking for instructions on how to use XOT as a tool to aid teaching and learning then please visit the Teacher section to this site. This section will support someone involved in the installation of XOT. It has been tailored to those with knowledge on server side technologies. The section is confined to information relevant to the installation.

Where can I get a copy of the Xerte Online Toolkit?

You can download the latest version of XOT from the downloads page also contained on this site. There is no charge for you to download, install and use the XOT. You may however have a number of concerns regarding the adoption of Xerte within your network environment and it is hoped that these can be addressed here.

How much will it cost to install Xerte Online Toolkit?

Although Xerte has no immediate financial implications with regard to its licensing and download. Each organisation will experience some cost in terms of staff time dedicated to its installation and maintenance. However, these cost can be offset or compared against the cost of purchasing individual or site licences of alternative propriety software such as Articulate.

How scalable is XOT?

Once XOT is installed on university servers it is completely scalable. As an e-learniing authoring tool XOT makes it easy to provide every member of teaching staff with access to authoring tools. Once installed on a server and made available staff can register for an account and once verified via your chosen authentication system can begin to author RLO's

Is XOT enterprise ready?

Nottingham University servers have been hosting XOT since 2008 and has proved to be popular amongst its teaching staff for the creation of RLO's. In addition JISC TechDIS have hosted an XOT sandbox over the same period to promote the toolkit and have not experienced any issues. Moreover there is a large and growing community of users around the globe who also run Xerte online tools and have been very supportive of the project because of the benefits they derive from it.

How is the security of the toolkit maintained?

As of the time of writing there have been few bug reports submitted regarding the software. Should there be a problem these will be addressed through fixes provided by the online community. If you would like to help then please look at the developers section of this community site for bug reporting, fixes and for details on how to join the community.

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