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Xerte toolkits makes it easy for teaching staff to reduce barriers for print impaired learners. Even tutors with limited technical skills can assemble media-rich learning resources that don't rely on text alone. A range of navigator templates make it easy to break down dense or complex information into smaller chunks. Learners can test their understanding through many interactive quiz types. The output from Xerte toolkits interoperates with a wide range of assistive technologies, allows users to personalise their view using browser settings and supports learners on mobile devices.

The ability to embed video in many different page types opens up the possibility of sign-supported video in your resources. The screenreader accessibility of the latest Xerte Toolkits was tested at an early stage of development and further testing is scheduled for summer 2013 to include the new template types. Testing has taken place with the following screen readers JAWS, NVDA and SuperNova .

Logos of different browsersAccessibility is likely to vary according to the browser or device being used and the extent to which accessibility is built in. For example, Internet Explorer on a tablet or smartphone may behave differently to Internet Explorer on a PC desktop. Safari on an iPad will be different to Safari on a desktop PC. Make sure your users are aware of the inbuilt accessibility of the devices they use for example TalkBack on Android devices and VoiceOver on Apple devices.

To report accessibility issues, suggest improvements or share improvements you have made, go to the dedicated accessibility area of the forum.

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