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Xerte Online Toolkits Subcategories: 17 Files: 170

Xerte Online Toolkits (XOT) is the software that allows tutors with limited technical skills to create engaging, interactive and accessible learning objects in Flash and HTML5. This is the download you need if you want to encourage teaching staff to use e-learning to enrich their curriculum. People using OnlineToolkits create learning materials based on page templates. These have restricted options in terms of layout and design. This is to keep them simple for non-technical users.

Xerte Desktop Subcategories: 5 Files: 11

Xerte Desktop is a developer tool which allows content developers with advanced technical skills (for example action scripting) to create highly customised content. This can be embedded in Xerte toolkits.

Documents Files: 13

 This section contains a list of all the key documents on this website - including technical documentation, step by step guides, planning templates and other related documents.

Tutorials Files: 2

Xerte toolkits are quick and easy to use but like any new software, you need to understand the conventions used and what particular terms mean. This section is about getting the most from Xerte toolkits by thinking through your design possibilities, trying some simple recipes to get you going and following some step by step guides.

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