Are you fed up of all your learning materials being printed handouts? Are all your tutor's online resources just "paper behind glass" without interactivity or self testing opportunities? If so, why not ask to your student council / student union to lobby your learning provider to create richer learning resources using Xerte OnlineToolkits?

Xerte OnlineToolkits are not just about students sitting there looking at more interactive information. You could be using OnlineToolkits to create your own resources as an alternative to written assignments. Assessments could be much more collaborative and media rich as you use Xerte OnlineToolkits to demonstrate your understanding in a non-traditional way.

Finally, Xerte OnlineToolkits allows you to take your learning - or creation - with you wherever you go. The latest version of Xerte Toolkits is compatible with your tablet or phone. Create on the go, revise on the go.

The video below shows Souad Kouachi sharing best collaborative learning practices using Xerte Online Toolkit.


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